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All you need to know about owning a LHD Car

There are many reasons why you have ended up at this site, looking for a left hand drive car. The biggest reason is that you are looking for something totally different, therefore American is the natural choice. Otherwise, you are looking for a European Exotic and have decided you can get more car for your money from the USA..

Whatever the reason, we are here to help you with every aspect regarding sourcing and owning a left hand drive car.

In this section, we provide an extensive list of articles, trivia and information about owning, operating, maintaining and buying a left hand drive car.

Please choose from the following list of informative articles we have provided to let you find answers to questions you may have.

Section 1: Insurance
Left Hand Drive Insurance in the UK:
If you have a LHD Vehicle and intend to keep it in the UK only
Left Hand Drive Insurance in Europe:
This article provides information of where to buy continental insurance - (coming soon)
American Car Insurance
Where and how to insure your American Car in the UK
Section 2: LHD Car Warranty
We are currently seeking a suitable supplier of spurious Warranties
Section 3: LHD Ownership
Section 4: LHD Maintainance
Section 5: Registration of LHD Vehicles
Section 6: Driving a LHD Car
Section 7: LHD Car Safety
Section 8: Why Left Hand Drive?

We know that this list is by no means exhaustive, however, if you think we have missed something and feel we need to add more information, please take the time to let us know. You can request we add something from our contact page.

Left Hand Drive Car Factsheets:

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In addition, many of our customers ask where to insure their LHD car, where they can buy extended warranties and where to service their left hand drive vehicle. The above will help you in your quest.

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Call Us - UK: +44 (0)207 993 8447 - US: +1 310 855 3587